Our office is always getting cards, baked goods, and gift cards from patients thanking us for going the extra mile. We appreciate all that patients do for us. Patients are family rather than just a set of teeth!

“I used to get headaches everyday (some small ones and some really big, unbearable ones) but since using the NTI I get about one small, controllable headache a week. It is great to not have headaches everyday and it is especially great not be be taking overpriced prescription medicines to help the headaches I do get!” — Julie Hair

“My NTI provided a total health life-style change. Ten years of medication, acupuncture and surgery the NTI provided complete relief within 30 days.” — Ron Edwards

“I was getting three, four and sometimes five headaches per week. Some were so bad that I would have to miss work or any plans I had made. Since I started using my NTI, I get maybe one headache per month and I even sleep so much better. It has completely changed my life.” — Sara C. Puhala