Prophyjet SprayOur hygienists use the state-of-the-art technology of ultrasonic scaling. We go over your latest & up-to-date medical history. We check on your periodontal health (gum disease), and take x-rays to check your bone levels, cavity detection and make sure you are free of cysts & growths in your jaw. If you tend to have sensitivity to dental cleanings, we have an oral rinse that you can use before your appointment to make things more comfortable.

ProphyjetWe also have a different way of polishing your teeth—it’s called a prophyjet. The air/water polish uses a Sodium Bicarbonate mixture to polish your teeth, almost like a fine power washing, leaving your teeth free of stains & feeling very clean.

At the end of your visit we give you some wonderful mouthwash & a hot towel to enjoy (1st class treatment!). The best part of the appointment!

Patient using mouth wash at Dr. Mason's office.Patient with hot towels at Dr. Mason's office.