Teeth Whitening trayWhiter teeth can make you look years younger. As a result, you’ll feel more confident and secure in your image. This isn’t just conjecture. A recent independent study shows that, after teeth whitening, job candidates were more likely to land a job at a higher salary than those who did not undergo teeth whitening before the interviews.

Dr. Mason takes a conservative and effective approach to professional teeth whitening. She will fabricate custom-fitted mouth trays to hold potent, safe bleaching gel against your teeth. Wear the gel-lined trays as directed – which is usually for a few minutes a day- and you’ll notice dramatic results after about two weeks.

Why does Dr. Mason prefer take-home teeth whitening?

Chairside bleaching systems that require a lamp for chemical activation have been shown to dry out tooth enamel and cause sensitivity. The cost is significantly higher than take-home systems, as well. Dr. Mason is of the professional opinion that prescription-strength teeth whitening kits for home use are the best option for her patients. Dentist-administered teeth whitening for home use is economical, too. Simply reuse your custom trays whenever your smile needs a touch up. If you run out of bleaching gel, call our Richmond, VA dental office for a refill.

Teeth Whitening stripsBleaching Strips

Dr. Mason also has teeth whitening strips. These are more affordable than the “over the counter” products. These strips are easy to use and actually work.