Dental ImplantThey say that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. When it comes to teeth, no statement is truer. We take our teeth for granted, but just one missing tooth can negatively affect oral health, speech, chewing ability – and diet. Surrounding teeth shift out of place to compensate for the workload, and without a tooth root’s stimulation, jawbone naturally deteriorates. In short, missing teeth create a mess.

The Solution. Dental Implants.

Traditionally, dentists have replaced missing teeth with bridgework, partials, or dentures. Today, however, Dr. Mason has an innovative and more lifelike solution – dental implants.
Like a natural tooth, a dental implant features a crown (the part we see) and a root (the part of a tooth in the jaw). Other prosthetics rely on outside sources of support – bridges anchor to crowns on surrounding teeth; partials have clasps that attach to surrounding teeth; and dentures require natural suction or adhesive to stay in place.

Affordable Dental Implants Richmond VADental Implants Richmond VA

Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implants are independently anchored with a replacement tooth root, a small, biocompatible titanium post. An oral surgeon or periodontist places the implant post into a socket in the jaw where a tooth is missing. Bone fuses to the post during a natural process called Osseointegration. Once the implant post is solid, Dr. Mason can place a permanent crown on the post.

Dental implants can also anchor a bridge, partial, or denture. Many denture patients prefer implant-retention rather than suction or adhesive. With implant-secured dentures, you’ll experience no slippage or looseness. Instead, you’ll feel as if your teeth are natural and strong. Dr. Mason can help you transition from traditional dentures to implant-retained dentures.

Benefits of Dental Implants

dental implants

  • Independently anchored
  • No special care
  • Can last a lifetime
  • Promote jawbone retention
  • Feel natural, secure, solid

At your dental implant consultation, Dr. Mason will talk with you about your oral health and what to expect during the dental implant process. In some cases, patients need preliminary bone grafting, sinus augmentation, or periodontal therapy to improve potential for a successful implant procedure. Rest assured, dental implants have about a 95% success rate. Dr. Mason will oversee your case as your general dentist, while an oral surgeon or periodontist conducts the brief surgery. Your actual prosthetic will be fabricated by Dr. Mason’s dental lab, and we’ll secure the replacement tooth or teeth in our Midlothian, VA dental office.

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