• Dr. Mason attends speaking engagements when she is asked to come and speak about Sleep Apnea or Dentistry
  • Our office donates toiletry packets to Catholic Charities that help with homeless people
  • Our office sends care packages to soldiers in Iraq & Afhganistan
  • Our office donates packets for various church mission trips that go outside of the USA
  • Our office volunteers every year with “Donated Dental Services” which gives free dentistry to qualified patients. This is an organized service operated by the Virginia Dental Association.
  • Each year instead of Christmas gifts to each other at our office we give the money we would spend on each other and give it to a “secret family” that we pick, to do a “good deed” for a family in need.

Dr. Mason and her assistants caring for our US soldiers

U.S. ArmyIn June 2009, Dr. Mason and her assistant, Libby, were asked to help our soldiers before deployment. Dr. Mason and Libby went to sites all over the state – like Ft. Belvoir, Ft.Pickett, Langley,and Ft. Eustis, to name a few.  A vital need existed to find dentists who would perform oral exams on soldiers to determine if their teeth were healthy enough to be deployed for at least a year without having any dental problems.

To date, the largest # of soldiers seen in one day was 107!   As a result, dentists were often asked to spend only about 6 minutes with each soldier.   One of the other challenges was the limited environment: soldiers sat in a lawn chair and dentists used a miner’s hat with a light to illuminate their mouths and disposable instruments.

“Even with our challenges, this was one of the most rewarding experiences in my career —  just knowing that I was able to give a little something back to our troops,” stated Dr. Mason. ” These soldiers are volunteers and not selected in a lottery… we should be so thankful that this is their choice to protect our country. The least I can do is be there to check there teeth. The soldiers are so appreciative and I feel so grateful each day that I am able to help.”